About Us

Santa Monica Wireless is a product of people with a passion for electronics and technology. We have been in the cellphone industry for a little over 17 years, and have acquired over 500 wholesale accounts. We pride ourselves in our gold standard customer service, top rated cell phones, and low/affordable prices.

Your wholesale mobile needs are our top priority/where we meet all your wholesale mobile needs. We offer our clients an array of cell phone brands and models, making sure all of our clients’ needs are met. We are pleased to offer our products locally in Los Angeles, as well as all over the United States, and worldwide. Whether you are looking to expand your retail cell phone store business or looking to add inventory to your online business or wholesale business, we guarantee that we will meet all your needs at the lowest prices.

The Selection Process

We take pride in offering only the highest quality of products and phones to our clients. We begin by purchasing our phones from authorized distribution centers. Next, our team of technicians test each and every phone with the well-known trusted PhoneCheck software, to ensure that each phone is in excellent condition. Once this process is complete, and each phone has passed rigorous testing, each phone becomes PhoneCheck Certified. Thereafter, each phone undergoes a grading inspection by our inspection team. Finally, after all the testing is complete, each phone is sanitized and sealed, and ready to be sold.

All Cellphones Are Unlocked And Equipped With The Latest Software

As a part of the quality check process, our team ensures that each phone is unlocked, so that customers may enjoy any phone with the service of their choice. Additionally, our technicians always make sure that each phone is equipped with the latest software, in order to make the selling process smoother for our customers.

Find Us On Ebay

We are extremely proud to announce that we have been titled a Top Rated Seller on Ebay for 15 years now. We believe that our world class customer service and top quality products are the reason for our success.

What People Say About Us?

I was intrigued by their wide inventory. I was having troubles with my previous distributor who almost never had any phones in stock, which was causing me to lose customers. After a few quick phone calls and emails, they quickly delivered all the phones I needed, and I have been working with them since. Best guys out there

Michael K

Do not look anywhere else for your cell phone needs. These guys are located in LA, and my mobile phone business is at least 2 hours away from them. I was desperately searching for some Iphone 11s that were out of stock everywhere. I was lucky enough to have been referred by a friend to Mark. I was afraid I would have to wait a few days if not weeks to receive my phones, but Mark got in his car, drove to my store, and hand delivered the cellphones to me. Now that’s what you call excellent customer service.

Joshua O

I have been a client of Santa Monica Wireless for about 5 years, and I have never worked with a better team. From their grade A quality cell phones, to their outstanding customer service, I will never work with another cellphone company again. If you’re looking for top notch cell phones, quick delivery times, and excellent customer service, these are your people!

Angelina P

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